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Amazing Steampunk Finds from Across the Web!

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This holiday season we wanted to list a few of our steampunk favorites from across the web - let us know what you think! 

1.  Charmian Women's Steampunk Stripe Boned Bustier 

Price: $21.99

 The fabric looks exactly like in the pictures and it is gorgeous. Will wear it with jeans and a top underneath. Just a bit of advice - this item comes small so you may want to order 2 sizes up. I am of medium size and have ordered one size up (L) looking at the reviews.

Also, the lacing is surprisingly good quality for the price. I actually bought my own laces, expecting that the lacing that came with the corset would be weak and slippery, but I didn't have to change out the lacing because it holds very well!

2. Homemade Steampunk Dangle Earrings

Price: $15.99

This is a really nice handcrafted set from Fern & Filligree. We'd recommend this as a unique gift for anyone who loves steampunk! 

3. Grebrafan Steampunk Corset Skirt with Zipper

Price: $35 -$67 

Review from Amazon: I bought this to use as part of my Pixie costume and it was perfect. A random lady approached me at the end of the festival and told me that she loved my corset and how it affected my figure that she told her friends I "had the most beautiful 'rack'" (I changed her word). It fit perfectly and was pretty comfortable for a twelve hour day. I didn't have any issue with it coming undone like my other corset. It is exactly as pictured and maybe even a little prettier. 10/10 would buy again from this seller. I was trying to get a pic of the body painting I had done but it ended up being the only good one showing the corset at all.

4. Nakimo Steampunk Retro Motorcycle Leather Bag

Price: $30.50

I get a lot of compliments on this bag. It's small so don't expect to bring your medicine cabinet of crap along; but good quality, fun, cute and sexy... and when going out to festivals or fairs, it's a great way to keep your valuables close and your hands free.

5. Tapp Collections™ Premium Shemagh Head Neck Scarf

Price: $11.99 

I absolutely love this head and neck scarf! It is great to use when you need something to bundle you up but you don't want to be over heated, and the price is fantastic! 





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